ARCHIDEX 2014 (International Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition) is a leading event in Malaysia. This event will start on 25 June 2014 and it will end on 28 June 2014. ARCHIDEX 2014 will take place at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) in Kuala Lumpur. This important trade event is being organized by C. I.

7 Habits of Business Success

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Habit 1. Cultivate Inner Networks: Entrepreneurs practicing the art of business success know the power of networks. They take the time to identify and build relationships with key peers, mentors, and advisors. This inner network provides support, direction, and an increased number of people to assist. Having an inner network of five people who have

If somebody asked you what is the most crucial aspect of business to focus on to ensure success, what would you say? Some would choose Sales. Some would say Marketing. Many would claim it’s Leadership. Others believe it’s Systems. More than a few would be adamant that the most important element is financial acumen. I

1.) Be passionate. Faced with adversity, it is hard to dream big. Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming. Being passionate about something – anything – gives clarity to dreams, lifts our spirit, sharpens our focus and creates a vision of better times ahead. After my mom died, I learned that keeping big things in front

Top 10 DQI Benefits for Owners:

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Before a project is built, owners can use DQI to: 1. Reduce Project Costs—Research shows that using tools such as DQI can reduce project costs 5 to 10 percent by reducing change orders and rework during construction and design. The tools achieve these savings by bringing to light design flaws/potential improvements before construction begins. So

1. Learn to compartmentalize. Take whatever things AND feelings that are buzzing in your head and box them up. Literally envision taking each of them and putting them into a little box and sticking them on a shelf. This empties your mind so that you can focus on your productivity at work. 2. Eliminate all

3.2 billion viewers, 3 million spectators, 64 Matches, 32 Teams, 4 years, 1 prestigious trophy.  In 2010, Spain won its first World Cup title after defeating the resilient Netherlands team in an extremely tough and grueling match. The 3.2 billion people who witnessed this event*, have anxiously been waiting 4 years for the next tournament

Procuring Design-Build Services 1. An owner should conduct a proactive and objective assessment of the unique characteristics of its program/project and its organization before deciding to use design-build. 2. An owner should implement a procurement plan that enhances collaboration and other benefits of design-build and is in harmony with the reasons that the owner chose

1. Plan tasks in advance List your 3 most important tasks to deal with in a day the night before, so you hit the ground running. Choose just 3 tasks to prioritise for a day, and be clear on how much you can achieve in any time frame. 2. Get started without checking in Get

7 Strategies To Stay Super Focused

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Say “no, thank you.” Get clear on what you really want to achieve. Choose deliberately. Prune your to-do list. Declutter your schedule. Shed meaningless tasks. Forget about goals that no longer serve you. Switch gears or change the channel. Drop, delegate or barter assignments that don’t cater to your core strengths and true purpose. Having too