Cool roofs

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Cool Roofs reflect solar energy and discharge stored heat. So they have both high reflectivity and high emissivity. Compared to standard roof surfaces, Cool Roofs stay 50 degrees to 60 degrees cooler on hot summer days. And that keeps cooling costs down.

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Homeowners win with:

  • Lower cooling costs
  • Reduced A/C equipment wear
  • Longer roof life
  • Greater comfort

Our community wins with:

  • Cooler neighborhoods (reduced “Urban Heat Island” effect)
  • Lower energy demand during peak cooling periods
  • Less air pollution
  • Less roofing waste sent to landfills

Save money

Save an average of 20 percent on future air conditioning costs with SMUD’s innovative Cool Roof program. Help reduce SMUD’s electricity peak demand and air conditioning energy load and mitigate the overall urban heat island effect in the Sacramento area.

The Cool Roof program provides an incentive to homeowners of 20 cents per square foot for flat roofs, and 10 cents per square foot of steep slope roofs. Contractors must install products that meet SMUD’s solar reflectivity and emissivity standards. They are:

Flat roofs:

  • Reflectivity greater than 75 percent
  • Emissivity greater than 75 percent

Steep slope roofs:

  • Reflectivity greater than 40 percent
  • Emissivity greater than 75 percent


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