DBIA categorizes the 10 best practices (and nearly 50 supporting implementing techniques) into three areas:

Procuring Design-Build Services

1. An owner should conduct a proactive and objective assessment of the unique characteristics of its program/project and its organization before deciding to use design-build.

2. An owner should implement a procurement plan that enhances collaboration and other benefits of design-build and is in harmony with the reasons that the owner chose the design-build delivery system.

3. An owner using a competitive design-build procurement that seeks price and technical proposals should: (a) establish clear evaluation and selection processes; (b) ensure that the process is fair, open and transparent; and (c) value both technical concepts and price in the selection process.

Contracting for Design-Build Services:

4. Contracts used on design-build projects should be fair, balanced and clear, and should promote the collaborative aspects inherent in the design-build process.

5. The contract between the owner and design-builder should address the unique aspects of the design-build process, including expected standards of care for design services.

6. The contracts between the design-builder and its team members should address the unique aspects of the design-build process.

Executing the Delivery of Design-Build Projects:

7. All design-build team members should be educated and trained in the design-build process, and be knowledgeable of the differences between design-build and other delivery systems.

8. The project team should establish logistics and infrastructure to support integrated project delivery.

9. The project team, at the outset of the project, should establish processes to facilitate timely and effective communication, collaboration, and issue resolution.

10. The project team should focus on the design management and commissioning/turnover processes and ensure that there is alignment among the team as to how to execute these processes.


Source : http://www.bdcnetwork.com/10-design-build-best-practices

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