DensDeck Prime

DensDeck Prime has a patented design that employs glass mat facings embedded into a water resistant and moisture resistant treated gypsum core. DensDeck Prime features a pre-primed surface for a better bond in case of a fully adhered roof cover. The board is designed for use as a cover or underlayment board.

Key features & benefits

  • Protects. Conserves. Endures.
    DensDeck Prime spreads the load and protects the boards underneath. It therefore often pays, from a life-cycle cost perspective, to protect the insulation boards with DensDeck Prime cover board.
  • An added measure of protection
    With a compressive strength of more than 800 kPa (5 to 6 times that of a normal PIR insulation board), DensDeck Prime cover board adds structural strength to the entire roofing system and helps to absorb the effects of hail, worker traffic and other potentially damaging impacts. Adding a DensDeck Prime cover board over a mineral wool insulation at least doubles the load capacity.
  • Outstanding fire performance qualities
    DensDeck Prime is an exceptional fire and thermal barrier due to the non-combustible core and inorganic facer. Fire performance of the DensDeck Prime board has been evaluated using various test standards:

    • ASTM E 136: board is classified as non-combustible
    • ASTM E 84: flame spread 0 – smoke development 0
    • Factory Mutual (FM) and UL approved
    • EN 13501-1, Class 1

Product data

Thickness (mm) Thickness (inch) Dimensions (m) Dimensions (ft) Max. flute span
6.4 1/4 1.22 x 2.25 4′ x 7’4.5″ 65 mm
12.7 1/2 1.22 x 2.25 4′ x 7’4.5″ 125 mm
15.9 5/8 1.22 x 2.25 4′ x 7’4.5″ 200 mm

DensDeck Prime Technical Information Sheet (TIS)
DensDeck Prime Safety Data Sheet (SDS)