Māori-inspired green roof cloaks new building at Auckland International Airport

by / Wednesday, 23 July 2014 / Published in Tips & Solution

Te Kaitaka, also known as The Cloak, is a new sculptural multi-functional space designed by New Zealand practice Fearon Hay Architects for Auckland International Airport.

The single-storey building is enveloped by woven mesh screens and features a living green roof growing over a contoured timber frame.

The roof is designed to help keep the building cool, while producing a visually unique aesthetic.

Fearon Hay Architects based the innovative design on the fine weaving techniques traditionally used to create Māori cloaks from flax fiber.

The architecture combines modern construction approaches with elements of local craftsmanship as a demonstration of New Zealand’s sustainable design practices.

Te Kaitaka is located in a developing precinct at Auckland International Airport, and will be used as a flexible space to host events, meetings and to display the future plans for the area.

Courtesy Arch Daily 

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