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Tegosolar is a real photovoltaic tile that uses the technology of thin-film triple-junction amorphous silicon to produce electricity from renewable sources. Its flexibility and lightness make Tegosolar an ideal solution for any type of roof, offering high aesthetic standards. In addition Tegosolar offers waterproofing guarantee of the roof as it represents the roof covering.

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Tegolasolar Plus


Tegosolar Plus is a system that combines the advantages of technical and aesthetic Tegosolar photovoltaic roofs to storage facilities that optimize the economic performance of these technological systems to support quality and cost of the lives of families. Inside the building a good-sized closet is placed that contains both the batteries and the inverter: the system is designed to automatically optimize the photovoltaic generation, energy storage and its consumption, in order to reduce the acquisition costs of electricity from the network. We can provide Tegosolar Plus systems with various capacities for producing and storing energy to meet the energy needs of the different buildings and maximize savings for families. Contact us for more information and a quote tailored to your needs






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